In this page you are going to learn more about who we are. We are still trying to figure out who we are and I am sure by the time you come back we will have figured that out, so you must keep coming back. I am sure next week we will have something solid to tell you. Yes definitely, please come back. I promise you you will learn a lot from us if you come back.

So i think I know who we are now now so I will tell you immediately without wasting time. We are specialists in Microsoft accessibility features. We help people with special needs or people who support them to be able to use this features to enable them access to computers so that they are able to work on computers regardless of their accessibility. We train the Trainers to train their people and also train the people with special needs directly. We normally do in house training to enable you to train in your own comfortable space. So you must give us a ring and we will be there to assist you.


I am trying to figure out how this circle works.